Sample Applications: Double Belt Presses

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Product advantages at a glance

There are so many reasons to choose Hymmen – so many benefits to our machinery and plants.


Double Belt Press Models

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Double Belt Presses: For Reliable and Cost-efficient Production

Hymmen double belt press lines stand for reliable and continuous production – with a proven track record in a wide range of business sectors around the world.

                        We are your partner for highly eco-friendly continuous presses that also offer an impressive degree of flexibility. Our portfolio includes both isobar and isochore press systems.

You too can benefit from significant savings in HR, material and energy costs.

Double Belt Press Lines

  • HPL Hymmen IsoPress®

  • MFC Hymmen IsoPress®

  • TFL Hymmen IsoPress®

Your Advantages at a Glance

  •  High efficiency thanks to reduced material, energy and labour costs

  •  Reliably reproducible high quality thanks to even printing and constant temperature

  •  Low production costs thanks to high capacities and high productivity

  •  Eco-friendly operation thanks to continuous processes

  •  Versatile applications for roll, panel and sheet materials

  •  Space-saving lines

  •  Significant reduction in inventory

  •  Low capital lock-up

  •  Lines available for product thickness with minimum tolerances

  •  Heating and cooling under pressure possible in a single press

Sample Applications

Standard laminates and ultra-thin laminates

Edge bandings

Laminate flooring, including directly coated

Melamine panels, desktops, furniture elements

Kitchen worktops

Concrete formwork panels

Post-forming elements

Cork flooring

Conveyor belts


Insulating boards to protect against vibration, heat and noise

Plastic sheets, composite panels 

Our Machines

HPL – technical data: 

Working width 700 - 2200 mm
Pressing power up to 70 bar
Speed 3-45 m/min
Temperature up to 220°C
Printing zone length 3000-4000 mm
Laminate thickness 0.15-1.2 mm 

MFC – technical data: 

Working width 1000-2500 mm
Pressing power up to 30 bar
Speed 15-40 m/min
Temperature up to 220°C
Printing zone length 3000-4000 mm
Substrate thickness 4-30 mm 

More line models for special applications

 - GKS

Hymmen - double belt press lines

Hymmen - continuous double belt press, MFC 

Hymmen - continuous double belt press, HPL 

Selected End Products

Elastic Flooring



Edge Bandings



Melamine panels


Conveyor belts


All brochures on our double belt press lines available here to download

Hymmen in the Press

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