Future Proof Technologies through Mechanical Modifications, Control Upgrades and Update of Electric Components


Your products and customer needs are evolving and you require appropriately adapted production technology? Then let’s have a chat. Together with you, we will come up with a target-oriented concept to modernise your line. This may include mechanical modifications as well as control upgrades.

Upgrade your machine and increase your productivity, efficiency and product quality. As well as this, you will extend the service life of your line. Let us advise you on individual optimisation options for your line.

Feel free to get in touch, our After Sales Service will be happy to support and advise you.


  • Reduction of processing times by connecting old and new machine technology
  • Increase output through modern technologies that are always state-of-the-art
  • Reduction of your line downtimes after inspection by Hymmen experts


  • Adapting your products to market requirements by using modern technology
  • Ensuring your long-term, consistent quality


  • Cost savings thanks to improved, modern technology
  • Extending the service life of your line
  • Cheaper to invest in retrofits than to order brand new lines

Overview of options

Check out the overview of modernisation options. If you see anything you like, we would be happy to give you specific advice and demonstrate the advantages to you:

  • Integration of lines in an integrated manufacturing process
  • Mechanical modernisation of individual components
  • Control upgrades
  • Modernising and reconditioning both Hymmen presses and presses from other manufacturers (e.g. Becker van Huellen)
  • Cylinder repairs
  • Repairing and replacing seals
  • Repair of heating plates

“With our retrofits, we ensure that our systems produce the best possible output at the lowest possible cost over their entire service life. With this in mind, we advise our customers with regard to new technology and therefore jointly develop an individual conversion offer – designed for the greatest possible benefit for our customers and adapted to their respective budget. This is how we achieve efficiency increases that are between 5 and 20%!”

(Michel Ahring, Head of Sales Services at Hymmen)