Plug&Play Including Training of your Staff


We completely assemble your line and commission it accordingly for you. Hymmen specialist personnel are on site during commissioning to guide the complete process control. From installing the first plate to the final inspection, if produced under performance conditions and the test carried out on speed, quality and quantity is passed.

After the inspection, the fully operational line is handed over to you, which produces your products in the desired quality.

Feel free to get in touch, our Commissioning Department will be happy to support and advise you.


Our commissioning engineers and programmers ensure that the start-up phase is quick and has no complications.


Optimum programming and adjustment of the line by Hymmen specialists in order to achieve the product quality desired


Ensuring that production can start as fast as possible through optimum commissioning

“You usually find it’s the little things that keep commissioning going. First off, direct and open communication with the customer is important. In this regard, the Hymmen team always has to act in a highly professional manner on the construction site. On the other hand, it is always essential that you appreciate the work done by your own team. For example, an occasional invitation to dinner is one way you can do this.”

(Torsten Jödemann, Head of Commissioning at Hymmen)