Remote Service

Teleservice: Fast, Efficient, Environmentally Friendly

Remote Service

So that we are able to support you quickly, we are pleased to offer you a remote service. In this way, the specially trained Hymmen technical staff can check your line for possible errors and optimisations by remote maintenance directly from our headquarters in Bielefeld within a very short time. Furthermore, support can be provided immediately, without long travel times, especially in case of control problems.

Possible downtimes are reduced to a minimum. If the need arises, we will send a service technician directly to you, who will be briefed about the problem by the remote service team and bring the appropriate spare parts to you.

Feel free to get in touch, our Servicing Department will be happy to support and advise you.


  • Reduction of downtimes through direct support without longer travel times
  • If the worst comes to worst, we will send a technician out to you. They will use the information passed on to them from the remote maintenance team to solve your problem in the best possible way


  • Increase in the effectiveness of service quality through previous error analysis via remote maintenance
  • Ensuring your long-term, consistent quality


  • Save costs by avoiding travel times
  • Costs caused by downtimes are kept low as you receive the fastest possible support

Overview of options

Check out an overview of the options that the Remote Service can offer you:

  • Immediate help with control problems
  • Optimising your control technology
  • Support and analysis options for further troubleshooting

“It’s becoming more common for a line to require mechanical modifications. To minimise downtimes, this is usually carried out after the end of production before the weekend. Our employees in Bielefeld can then adjust the system control via the remote connection at the weekend. This ensures that the customer’s line is reliably and fully functional again at the beginning of the working week. And there are no travel expenses to worry about.”

(Viktor Schulz, Head of Line Control at Hymmen)