Sample Applications: Laminating and Glueing Lines

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Product advantages at a glance

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Laminating and Glueing Line Models

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Laminating Lines and Glue Application Machines: Modular Design – Top Performance

Hymmen laminating and glueing lines have enjoyed global renown in the board and furniture industry for decades. They have won praise for their innovation, quality and performance when it comes to protecting materials, decor application and the addition of favourable material characteristics. Worldwide, some 200 Hymmen laminating lines are currently in operation in a range of versions that cover a huge spectrum of technical options.

Laminating and Glue Application Lines

  • CTK

  • KSA with rubber calander for special foils

  • KSA with slotted nozzle

  • UMA glue application machine

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Outstanding surface quality

  • High lamination repeat accuracy thanks to special camera and control systems using register marks

  • Rapid foil change

  • Automatic foil splicing during foil roll change

  • Minimum foil wastage thanks to high-precision gap control and the highly dynamic cutting system for board separation

  • Final edge-trimming using an x-ray sensor for board recognition

  • Integration of automatic single-sheet feeder

  • Cost-saving option: use of urea-resin-based adhesive

  • Seamless integration of laminating lines in your production processes

  • Single-source solution

Sample Applications

Manufacture of door skins and doors

Production of full formats and decor panels

Manufacture of flooring 

Manufacture of furniture (such as shelves and shelf sides, furniture fronts, small items of furniture and furniture supplier components), worktops and other components for interior construction (such as panels and wall-partitioning systems)

Manufacture of building materials and special applications (such as thermoplastic foils, high-gloss foils, aluminium sheets and metallic foils, structural foils, laminates, plastic sheets and other sheet materials)

Technical Highlights

Substrate widths

1400, 1700, 2000, 2300 and 2600 mm

Line speeds (process-dependent)

20 - 35 m/minute up to 60 m/minute (max.)


White glue/PVAC, urea formaldehyde resins (UF), hot-melt

Application method

Slotted nozzle (papers or foils from 23 g/m2)

Roller application (panel material)

Today's furniture industry is dominated by modern prepreg-based finishing foils with increasingly superior surface characteristics and structures and thermoplastic decoration foils, e.g. for attractive high-gloss surfaces.

Our Machines

FLK laminating line

For the continuous foil lamination, edge compression and edge wrapping of chipboard panels 

FKA laminating line

For laminating tasks in the wood-based industry, for paper-based finishing foils and for PVC foils used in hot and cold lamination

CTK thermal laminating line

For all laminating tasks in the wood-based material sector. Laminates paper-based finishing foils from 23 g/m² with low-cost UF adhesive systems.


Complete coating line for the high-end coating of surfaces. From super-matt to high-gloss.


Four-roller hardener application machine for working widths of 850 mm to 1,600 mm.

Modular machine design suitable for all requirements. Low-maintenance and service-friendly technology.


Four-roller glue application machine for material widths of 850 mm to 1,600 mm.
Available with single- or double-sided glue application.
Precise dosing and even glue application.


Heavy-duty hot-melt application machine for a range of adhesive systems. High cost efficiency thanks to immediate further processing of workpieces; high production output thanks to high through-put speeds. Application single- or double-sided.

Selected End Products

Laminated edges


Furniture Panels, Laminated


Structural foil on MDF board


All brochures on our laminating lines available here to download

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