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Industrial Digital Printing Lines – The Hymmen Success Principle

Cost-efficient and just-in-time: industrial digital printing lines from Hymmen let you print your own individual web and panel material surfaces – in brilliant quality and on an industrial scale.

The JUPITER and the SATURN Digital Printing Lines enable demand-oriented printing of roll materials in the required length and with your chosen digital print template.

The broad spectrum of Hymmen printing lines supports the combination of different finishing technologies, such as the option to press or laminate materials post-digital printing.


  • SATURN for digital printing on decor paper


  • JPT-WS for edge bands

  • JPT-W for roll-to-roll materials

  • DLE for digital lacquer embossing

  • JPT-L for preformatted panel materials

  • JPT-C for panel materials

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Flexibility in design thanks to the ability to print a virtually limitless range of decors

  • Versatile application – digital decor printing on a wide range of materials, such as paper, veneer and plastic

  • Huge colour spectrum using the standard CMYK ink system

  • Industrial-scale production capacities starting with batch size 1

  • Simple reproduction of customised products and designs

  • Minimum make-ready times thanks to ultra-fast digital design changes

  • Customer-specific just-in-time delivery

  • Minimisation of warehouse and batch-related tool costs (e.g. for gravure cylinders)

  • No material wastage due to the ability to seamlessly print several different decors on a single roll

  • Minimisation of supplier dependence

  • No minimum order quantities

  • Fast response to market trends

  • Greater product variety

Sample Applications


Laminate Flooring

Base boards

Doors and Gates

Furniture and kitchen fronts

Façade elements

Edge bandings

Decorative papers

Finishing foils

Technical Highlights

High plant availability due to self-recovery

The special side shooter print head architecture minimises downtimes of the individual nozzles. Any blockages are automatically removed by the circulating ink flow and collected in a filter system. The self-recovery function is indispensable for reliable production at industrial level.

High definition thanks to grey scale technology

Eight differently dosed drop sizes per nozzle deliver an optical resolution of more than 1,000 dpi. The authentic print result achieves a brilliance that surpasses even the highest standards of surface finishing.

Flexibility thanks to modular width expansion

The flexible set-up of the printing station enables incremental expansion of the printing width. Individual print head rows can be easily retrofitted in a wider printing frame and integrated in the existing system.

Colour Management - easy to handle

Thanks to integrated Colour Management, print data can be matched to the colour master with just a few clicks and reproduced at any time with pin-point precision. Substrate-oriented profiles are automatically compared to existing colour profiles, in order to ensure the same colour results regardless of substrate.

Sustainable UV-LED / NIR (near infrared) curing technology

- effective curing of applied UV inks without emission of heat or ozone

- low energy consumption

- curing lamps can be powered on and off instantly without the need for a warm-up/cool-down time

- above average lifetime

Single pass printing

The JUPITER and the SATURN are industrial single pass digital printing lines. A printing station covers the full working width of the substrate and prints the board or web material passing underneath the print heads at a speed of up to 50 m/min. The digitally processed print data can be used for printing almost immediately and even changed quickly during production. The print image comprises tiny ink drops of the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Several print heads per colour are operated in series to achieve the required working width.


The flexible Drop-on-Demand inkjet method (DOD) of the Hymmen Digital Printing Lines means that there are no limits to the number of print motifs available. The ultra-fast digital design change virtually eliminates make-ready times and enables infinitely versatile and cost-effective production, while simultaneously ensuring reliable colour consistency and outstanding line availability. The ink drops are fired from the individual print heads by means of the Drop-on-Demand inkjet method, already widespread in the office sector. Activation of a piezoelectric material in the walls of the ink chambers within the print head creates a pressure pulse, which causes the controlled ejection of a drop from the nozzle for precise placement on the surface of the substrate.

Full integration

If you are looking to enhance your existing production line with digital printing technology, our many years of process expertise enable us to seamlessly integrate new digital printing lines in your production processes – inline or offline – whatever best suits your requirements.

Our Machines

Hymmen SATURN Digital Printing Line


Print on decor paper

Printing speed: 15 – 35 m/min

Effective working width: 700 / 1.400 / 2.300 mm

Printing colour system: water-based decor inks, extendable to 8 colours, standard 4 colours CMYK, additional colours possible

Resolution: 600 or 1200 dpi

Printhead type: Ricoh MH5421 MF

Production capacity adopted to your needs: 4,5 - 20 Mio sqm/a



Material: panel materials
Effective printing width: 137 – 2,192 mm
Max. no. of colours: 10
No. of heads per colour row: 18 – 32
Max. no. of heads in total: 320
Max. substrate thickness: individual
Production capacity: 6,000 sq. m/h


Material: panel materials
Effective printing width: 137 – 2,192 mm
Max. no. of colours: 10
No. of heads per colour row: 18 – 32
Max. no. of heads in total: 320
Max. substrate thickness: individual
Production capacity: 3,000 sq. m/h

JPT-W 840, JPT-W 1400, JPT-W 1700, JPT-W 2200

Material: web materials
Effective printing width: 548 – 2,192 mm
Max. no. of colours: 10
No. of heads per colour row: 9 – 32
Max. no. of heads in total: 320
Max. substrate thickness: 1.5 mm
Production capacity: 6,000 sq. m/h

JPT-WS 280, JPT-WS 560

Material: web materials
Effective printing width: 137 – 548 mm
Max. no. of colours: 6
No. of heads per colour row: 2 – 8
Max. no. of heads in total: 48
Max. substrate thickness: 0.3 mm
Production capacity: 1,600 sq. m/h

JPT-WS 230, JPT-WS 560

Material: web materials (greater thicknesses)
Effective printing width: 68 – 548 mm
Max. no. of colours: 10
No. of heads per colour row: 1 – 8
Max. no. of heads in total: 80
Max. substrate thickness: 4 mm
Production capacity: 1,600 sq. m/h


Material: Panel and web materials
Effective printing width: 70 – 2,100 mm
Only one printing bar required
Synchronous structure
Low quantity of structuring medium
All quality characteristics of the lacquer are retained

Hymmen - Industrial Digital Printing Lines

JPT-WS for edge bands

JPT-W 1400 for roll-to-roll materials


Printing on surfaces of roll- or board material on your own


JPT-C 2100 for panel materials

Digital lacquer embossing DLE

The Hymmen digital printing method


JPT-C 1400 for panel materials

SATURN Digital Printing Line


Selected End Products

Decorative papers and finishing foils


Façade elements


Laminate Flooring


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